Instructor 1 Course

DKK 2395,- per Person

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  • Instructor 1 level is the entry level for the Danish Canoe and Kayak Federation’s education system.
    This is the course for those who would like to start as a sea kayak instructor and who already have an IPP 2 certificate.
  • Duration: 2 days (16 hours).
What will you learn
  • Module 1: Educational tools
    Here you will find a number of simple and practical tools for teaching sea kayaking.

  • Module 2: Water Addiction, Games & Activities
    Here we present practical exercises to familiarize new kayakers with kayaking, paddle and the water. Games and exercises and reflections on what these can contribute to in relation to kayaking skills are being worked on.

  • Module 3: Display quality, technique & focal points
    Here we work with the instructor’s technical understanding and correct execution of relevant technique and maneuvers.

  • Module 4: Weather and wind – the physical framework
    Here we work with the framework for the Instructor 1 level, and with providing tools for planning activity in highly protected conditions.

  • Module 5: Subcooling, safety and security equipment
    Here we work with an awareness raising of the instructor in relation to the most significant safety risks associated with kayaking activities in protected conditions and strategies to deal with them. Here the focus is on undercooling / hypothermia, focus on wind and weather’s importance for safety, group management and more. During the course, we work with the Danish Maritime Authority’s safety instructions as a tool for planning safe activities on the water.

What You Should Bring
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