IPP 2 Course

DKK 2395,- per Person for the full beginer course.

DKK 1345,- per Person if you are already IPP1.

Booking on request only: info@kayaksisimiut.com


Interested in a beginners’ course? We hold a number of courses over the season.

We provide European Paddle Pass courses (IPP), which are certified and administered by the Danish and International Canoe Federation.
On an IPP level-2 course you learn the basic techniques and how to handle a kayak. The course features a session on safety which includes both companion rescue and solo rescue. Most of the course takes place in the kayak on the water.

The full course is composed of 2 modules of 8 hours each. This will be finished in two whole-day sessions. The goal of this course is to develop your abilities enough so you are able to take paddling day trips along the coast by yourself.

You will be introduced to the world of seakayaking, learn different technics for maneuvering the kayak, handling basic safety drills and learn practices so you can avoid injuries and rescue yourself.

Duration: 2 days (16 hours).

Duration if you are IPP1: 1 days (8 hours).

What will you learn
  • The IPP2 techniques are: Lifting techniques – insertion – entry/exitof the kayak at a bridge and by a coastal area -effective straight forward rowin –  end stroke – 360 degrees of rotation on the spot – edging along with steering strokes – 25 meters of accurate reverse paddling – 5 meters of side transfer with pull stroke – back row – low support – telemark turns – cap size/swim 10 meters and empty the kayak from shore – buddy rescue – buddy rescue with you both in the water – eskimo rescue – self rescue and theory.
  • Worth knowing about security in canoeing and kayaking
  • Nice to know about law and order on the water
  • Worth knowing about cold weather and clothing at sea
  • Useful information about weather and waves
  • Worth knowing about lifejackets and swim vests
  • The above techniques must be mastered on flat water, possibly in small waves, before IPP2-proof can be achieved.
  • In addition, there must be signs of starting ability of sculling (stubbing against the water), as well as high support stroke and side transfer with the kayak draw stroke.
  • The coach crosses the participants of when they master the techniques, but can also choose to hold a final “test” with some or all of the techniques.
  • IPP2-proof applies as release certificate in Sisimiut Kayak Center as well as in other kayak clubs. With IPP2-proof, you can rent kayaks in Denmark and most places abroad. With IPP2-proof one is basically allowed to row all over in coastal areas on calm waters during the summer months.
What's include
  • The instructor.
  • Single kayak.
  • Spary deck.
  • Paddle.
  • Buyoancy.
  • Dry Suit.
  • And all necessary equipement requiered during the course.

The participants breakfast, lunch, diner and snacks are not included in the price.


What You Should Bring

If you own your personal equipement you can off course bring it to the course. Other wise we will provide all necessary equipment needed for the course.

When ?

We do our IPP course only during the summer from June to September. Depending of the weather we can also decide to held teh course until October.

The course take place the weekend only.

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