IPP 3 Course

DKK 2495,- per Person

Booking on request only: info@kayaksisimiut.com

  • This is the continuing course for the sea kayaker who holds an IPP 2 certificate or is on a similar level.
    Riders on the IPP 3 level have gained some level of experience and can no longer be considered as a beginner. At ‘IPP 3’, under various wind conditions and winds of 5-8 m / s and up to 1 m high waves, safe rowing at sea must be carried out.
    The IPP 3 course is a user level where you have to demonstrate that you have the necessary experience to spend time with a partner and make trips in local, coastal waters.
  • Duration: 2 days (16 hours).
What will you learn
  • We continue to train IPP2-techniques, but now in greater waves of up to 1 meter, and wind up to 5-8 m/s.
  • Additionally, we train eskimo roll, landing in light surf, high sculling, front rowing, side transfer with kayak draw stroke and towing, so the techniques are mastered, and participants get the power to row longer distances.
  • The level contains IPP3-elements and prepares participants to continue in an experienced kayak class next season.  But most important is to get some paddle routine, meet new challenges and to havefun on the water !
  • The training is aimed at being able to pass a subsequent test with IPP3-proof (the test itself is entirely optional and the fee is not included).
  • We work on the participants’ individual areas of action (could be the use of steering-techniques in waves), cases with rescue and problems encountered, landing on the coast, navigation, knots, theory (including the rules for using the nature). We are looking at the requirements for equipment.
What should you bring

You own sea kayak equipment + everything you might need during the course.

Whats include
  • Seakayak.
  • paddle.
  • Buoyancy.
  • all necessary equipement needed for the course.

Not include in the price breakfast, lucnh, diner and snacks.

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