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2020 Greenland Roll Camp.

DKK 8995,- per Person

4 days Greenland roll workshop with traditional Qajaq from August 06th to August 09th 2020 with Emaanoraq Nathansen from Qajaq Sisimiut.
Maximum participants : 6

  • For beginners and advanced level.
  • The workshop is helded with traditional Qajaq.
  • Instructor : Emaanoraq Nathansen from Qajaq Sisimiut (see about description below).
  • Language : English and Danish.
  • The camp is limited to 6 participants only so it allow us to spent the necessary time with everyone. 
  • The kind of rolls you will learn depend of your level and your capacity to understand the movements. 
  • During the camp rope gymnastic lesson will be given, also introduction to qajaq construction and Greenland qajaq history.
  • Price include : Qajaq, dry suit, Brook tuilik & seal skin tuilik, greenland paddle, the qajaq and the guide, buoyancy, pickup at the airport, accomodation, breakfast and lunch, differents activities around the workshop (museum, qiviut, traditional closes school etc).
  • Price doesn't include : airplane tickets to/from Sisimiut, Greenland, personnal insurance, personnal expences, familly member accomodation.
  • Maximum participants : 6
  • Accomodation : Guesthouse with 3 doubles room (2 singles bed in each rooms), living room and kitchen.
  • Sisimiut Kayak Center's Tuilik : Brooks tuilik and seal skin tuilik.
  • Sisimiut Kayak Center's Drysuit : Typhoon Ezeedon.
  • Sisimiut Kayak Center's Mittaines : Brooks mitt and seal skin mitt.
What You Should Bring

As an experienced paddler you might have your own things you may need but we advise you to bring at least the following:

  • Warm uper layer.
  • Warm lower layer.
  • Nose clip.
  • Swimming googles.

Sisimiut Kayak Center has the compulsory product insurances. But it doesn’t cover insurance of the participant’s personal belongings. Should personal belongings be damaged or lost on the excursion it is at one’s own expense or insurance. We therefore recommend that you write an insurance that cover these cases before leaving the native country.

Terms & Conditions - Waiver of Liability


Emaanoraq Nathansen AKA Emaanu, is born September 29, 1987 in Sisimiut. He started qajaq at the age of 14 in 2002 and member of Qajaq Sisimiut ever since.
Emaanoraq started to learn to qajaq, and roll, with with Maligiaq Padilla and Jakob Peter Enoksen. Then later on with Albrecht Augustussen with whom he also learned the history and the construction of qajaq. Emaanoraq have build more than 20 qajaq.
When you ask him what does the art of qajaq represent for him, it's what he answer : "To me qajaq is a very important part of us (inuit), not only from Greenland but for all inuit (Alaska, Canada and Siberia). It show the ingenuity of inuit and without it we would not have survived the harsh nature of Arctic and it is very important that we learn our past just as important for our future."

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