Rolling Courses

DKK 1995,- per Person

Booking on request only:

  • For experienced paddlers.
  • Ou rolling course are helded with traditional Qajaq.
  • You must display your IPP2 or BCU 2 certificate.
  • Price include life vest, dry suit, tuilik, greenland paddle, the qajaq and the guide.
  • Beginer course, Intermediate course, Advanced course. Juste let us know what is your level and the course you want to attempt.
  • Minimum participants per course: 1
  • Maximum participants per course: 4
  • Booking  on request only, please send us an email so we can arrange what’s best for you.
  • Meeting point: Sisimiut Kayak Center office.
What You Should Bring

As an experienced paddler you might have your own things you may need but we advise you to bring at least the following:

  • Warm uper layer.
  • Warm lower layer.
  • Snacks.
What will you learn

What you will learn will depend of your level and the course you want to attempt.

During the beginer course you generaly learn the 3 basics roll but how far you go in your course will depend of you skills and apptittude to learn. 


Sisimiut Kayak Center has the compulsory product insurances. But it doesn’t cover insurance of the participant’s personal belongings. Should personal belongings be damaged or lost on the excursion it is at one’s own expense or insurance. We therefore recommend that you write an insurance that cover these cases before leaving the native country.

Terms & Conditions - Waiver of Liability

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